Skumlove Releases New Video for Turbo Lover XL

Skumlove Releases New Video for Turbo Lover XL Today 9:00pm Pacific. on .

This is a remake of the Judas Priest, classic Turbo Lover featuring Carlton Bost (Orgy/Berlin/Stabbing Westward) Patrick Kennison (Lita Ford/Heaven Below) DJ Rattan (Powerman 5000) produced by Skum Love Co-Produced, engineered By Ben Cunill for Left Coast Recording Studios Recorded at Room13 Studios, Drums Recorded at Left Coast Recording Studio song originally written by Glenn Tipton, Rob Halford, K. K. Downing please check out the original by Judas Priest.

Skum explains, “I originally wanted to do almost a scene by scene of the original Judas Priest video but when Vicente Cordero came aboard, it took a complete different turn. We went more for the Road Warrior or beyond Thunderdome Kind of look to it.

We did not have a huge budget, so everything was built by us as a band. I am Chapter president of a Lowrider bike club. So I had to put in one of the bicycles. To give a little props to the original video. We just posted online that we were making this video and all these people showed up and it was an amazing time and everybody was cool.” “We had friends doing make up for us. We all got our best cyber punk look on and just made a great time at the whole situation, and I think it came out amazing. Big props to Vicente Cordero and Schecter Guitars for letting us use their area to shoot a video.”

Directed by Skum Love and Vicente Cordero, filmed and edited by Industrialism films.

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