Metalliville – Interview

An Interview with

‘Skum Love’

who recently released the album

‘Sinister Minister’

that took place on 23rd & 24th June 2016.

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan.

Glenn: Hi Skum, how are you doing? How are things over there right now?

Skum: Not bad, it’s good over here.

Glenn: Excellent.

Skum: It’s pretty good I’m just constantly busy.

Glenn: I saw your preview for your ‘RAHKAHOLIC’ show at Skinny’s last night. How was it and did Gerard DiSalvo (Skum Love Guitarist) make it down for the show?

Skum: Yeah it was pretty cool. We had a band called ‘A Frame’ play that has members of Tantric. Tantric are an old school 90’s band and they are coming back around. They did their set and they did a couple of Tantric songs, then Murashita played which are from Japan. They sound like Kreator on speed. They are very old school.

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