Up And Coming Shows

We have a few shows coming up and we hope to see all of you there. We will be headlining the Whisky A Go Go March 27th with Some bad ass bands.

We also will be invading The Orange Curtain on April 1st at the Tiki Bar in Cost Mesa with Core 10.

We also have another O.C. Show June 2nd at the Doll Hut for RockWell Magazine.

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New Year and New Perversion

Hello all my Sinners, it’s been a while since the last time I posted personally on the website. It’s only because we have been very busy here in skum land. We have done some amazing shows and played with some bad ass bands!
We have also two new guys that have been playing in the band for a few months; first being Cisco on Drums and Brad Jurjens on Guitar.
We had a scare towards the end of the year when long time guitar player Garrison had a mild stroke and lost control of his hand and arm. We did not know if he would be able to play again but after some rehabilitation a month later he was back on stage with us kicking ass!
The album has been out and I think it’s selling pretty well and I hope you all have picked up a copy. We put out some bad ass Merch so hopefully you’re representing well. We have some great show Coming up the main one being a headlining show at the whisky a go-go in Hollywood.
We will be playing with label mates Heaven Below as well as old friends Society 1 and newcomers The Mendenhall Experiment and Jesse blaze Snider (yes Dee Snider’s son). We will be working on doing two new videos coming soon to help promote the album Sinister Minister. I promise to update us a little more and share only special things on the site only.

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